July 30, 2004 I created an account in this game called Second Life. When I logged into the Ahern Welcome Center for the first time, I was amazed at the possibilities. I was in ‘Creative Outlet” Heaven, and I gave myself a week to overcome the learning curve.

    By nature I am the Lone Hermit (yes I was the kid on the playground who played alone, and built things with rocks and sticks), and I loved being able to just make whatever my mind could dream up. I was excited at the idea that I would walk through my creations.

    Over the years, I developed my Avie, and after a horrible SL relationship went bad, I retired Gene Jacobs and kept my namesake Gene Jordan (I was thrilled when my real last name became available).

    I am more focused on my Real Life, but I still enjoy the creative outlet that this allows me, and I will continue to develop my skills.


Latest Photos

  1. 1.Gene as a Noobie

  2. 2.Gene relaxing in His Private Grid

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